After-School Programming serves over 750 kids at six elementary and middle schools in Oakland.

After-School is a critical time of day for youth to further explore their interests and passions, develop their voice, and grow as students and individuals. Our daily after-school programming is project based and emphasizes:

  • Socio-emotional Learning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Leadership Development

We work in close collaboration with schools to offer activities and learning opportunities reflective of the school communities needs and interests. Our staff ensure safe and supportive communities for youth to thrive in and out of school.

After-School Sites


grades K-8

3709 E 12th Street, Oakland, CA 94601


grades 6-8

3700 Coolidge Ave, Oakland, CA 94602


grades K-5

1025 81st Ave, Oakland, CA 94621


grades K-5

2035 40th Ave, Oakland, CA 94601


grades K-5

2825 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94601


Love Cultivating Schoolyards and Roots

Oakland Leaf’s stipend high school internship programs utilize experiential learning opportunities to develop professional skills and create a positive sense of self. The internship program includes a gardening and urban ecology internship, Love Cultivating Schoolyards, and Roots, an education and youth development internship. All of our interns come together for Ramas events once a month.

Roots Internship Program

Roots: Oakland Leaf’s youth development stipend internship, Roots, was established in response to an articulated need from program graduates who were eager to stay involved with our programming. In service of our values of cultivation and voice, we took this feedback and developed a new internship cohort called Roots.

Roots interns work as instructor aids in after-school programming, where they learn how to establish a creative educational space for youth of all ages, navigate program transitions, and serve as mentors. They support after-school students to overcome challenges in school and hold space for social emotional development. The interpersonal and professional skills that the interns gain are applicable to future careers in education related fields. 

Love Cultivating Schoolyards Internship Program

Love Cultivating Schoolyards (LCS) offers interns the opportunity to interact with the natural world through planting seeds, harvesting fruits and vegetables, picking flowers, studying insects, digging in the earth, and composting.

Love Cultivating Schoolyards interns receive mentoring, leadership and professional development. Interns then lead gardening classes for younger students in Oakland Leaf’s after-school garden clubs. The younger students learn about science, nature, and the earth’s cycles through hands-on activities that complement their learning during the regular school day. 


Oakland Peace Camp goes digital this summer! 

Oakland Peace Camp is a 4-week summer camp for middle and high school youth in Oakland. Peace Camp is a rich blend of arts, activism, leadership, and an opportunity for youth to explore their identity, while participating in activities that are both fun and meaningful. From music production and dance, to sports, cooking and more; there’s something for everyone in our dynamic summer program. Camp culminates with a student showcase highlighting their community service projects, and artistic accomplishments over the summer. Camp is completely free of charge to all participants.