Every year, Oakland Leaf provides quality, culturally responsive, and free after-school programming for approximately 750 East Oakland students at six high-need elementary and middle schools.

After school is a critical time of day for youth to further explore their interests and passions, develop their voice, and grow as students and individuals. Our daily afterschool programming is project-based and emphasizes:

  • Social-emotional Learning & Critical Thinking
  • Creative Expression
  • Gardening and Connection with Nature 
  • Leadership Development & Social Justice 
  • Academic Support & Literacy 
  • Sports & Movement

Activities include soccer, poetry, drawing, theater arts, gardening, science experiments, community service projects, bike club, painting, lacrosse, yoga, graphic arts, and more.

We work in close collaboration with schools to offer activities and learning opportunities reflective of the school communities needs and interests. Our staff ensure safe and supportive communities for youth to thrive in and out of school.

Afterschool Program Sites

Ascend School grades K-8
3709 E 12th Street, Oakland, CA 94601

Learning Without Limits
grades K-5
2035 40th Ave, Oakland, CA 94601

Cleveland Elementary

grades K-5
745 Cleveland Street
Oakland, CA 94606


Bret Harte
Middle School
grades 6-8
3700 Coolidge Ave, Oakland, CA 94602

EnCompass Academy
grades K-5
1025 81st Ave, Oakland, CA 94621

grades K-5
2825 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94601


Oakland Leaf has two paid youth internship programs that provide year-round positive youth development opportunities to 40 East Oakland High School students annually. All interns engage in experiential learning, personal and professional development, social and emotional learning, civic education, and community action initiatives. By cultivating students’ sense of agency, self-efficacy, and social responsibility, we are building compassionate and creative leaders with strong connections to their community. 

Roots Internship 

Roots interns serve as Instructor Aids in our afterschool programs. Interns are matched with a program instructor who serves as their mentor for the year. Interns provide daily social-emotional and academic support to afterschool program students, facilitate creative play activities, and provide administrative support to programs. The interpersonal and professional skills they gain are applicable to college success and to future careers in education related fields. Roots interns also receive intensive college and career preparation support, including academic coaching and one-on-one support with their college application processes.

Love Cultivating Schoolyards Internship

Love Cultivating Schoolyards (LCS) offers interns the opportunity to interact with the natural world through planting seeds, harvesting fruits and vegetables, picking flowers, studying insects, digging in the earth, and composting. Interns are supported to complete an urban farmer check-list of the diverse practical skills and knowledge needed to be an independent urban farmer. 

LCS interns also learn about food justice and environmental justice issues related to urban agriculture and local food systems, and the produce they grow on our one acre urban farm is the core of Oakland Leaf’s food distribution initiative. 


Oakland Peace Camp is a 5-week summer camp that encompasses a rich blend of arts, activism, leadership, and an opportunity for youth to explore their identity, while participating in activities that are both fun and meaningful. From music production and dance, to sports, cooking and more; there’s something for everyone in our dynamic summer program. Camp culminates with a student showcase highlighting their community service projects, and artistic accomplishments over the summer. Camp is completely free of charge to all participants.

Summer 2024 we will be located at International Community School serving K through 5th grade and Bret Harte Middle School serving 6th through 8th grade. 2024 Camp will take from June 3rd through July 5th.