Health and Wellness


A healthy community begins with individuals with healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. Oakland Leaf is working to improve the livelihood, health, and vitality of East Oakland’s communities. Recent studies have found that the average child spends 35 hours a week in front of the television. Less than 25% of school-aged children participate in daily physical activity and only 34% of those between the age of six and 24 reported participating in outdoor activities. In addition, the national rate for childhood obesity is at 17%, but in Oakland it is almost double that at 31%. African American and Latino children are nearly twice as likely as Anglo-American children to be obese. Oakland Leaf’s Health and Wellness initiative focuses on providing youth and families with: the chance to participate in community gardens, paid community garden internships, community garden work-days, workshops for students and parents that foster environmental awareness, food justice, fitness, nutrition and indigenous land cultivation practices, sports and recreational programming, hands-on science classes, and a safe environment.


We offer our students an average of 14 hours per week of health and wellness programming, 10 months per year. Below is a sample of the Health and Wellness classes and activities we offer:


  • Basketball
  • Boys Soccer
  • Capoeira
  • Cycles of Change
  • Food & Culture
  • Fresh Chefs
  • Gardening
  • Girls Soccer
  • Girl Sports
  • Hip Hop Dance
  • Soccer Champions
  • Sports & Leadership

Studies show increased years of arts courses yield higher SAT verbal and math scores.